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Brewing genuine community & transforming life

Crossroads Church Glenwood is a church plant of Crossroads Church in Aspen, Colorado. Our current leadership team includes Tim & Marina O’Keefe, Gary & Amanda Littell, and John & Meg Andersen. Our hearts are to engage the people of the Glenwood Springs area with A Place of Grace, Growth and Greater Things.


Building healthy, Christ-­centered people and communities through connecting, engaging and leading with God and one another.


Building healthy, Christ-­centered people and communities through connecting, engaging and leading with God and one another so that we may be the healthiest church for the world and be a catalyst for the renewal, strength and unity of the church in America and beyond.


Our Story and the Bigger Story

The idea of story can only make sense in terms of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). For our individual small stories to make sense we must be born into the large pre-­existing story of God’s creation and purpose in history. All of our attempts to live outside of God’s story only bring futility and ultimately death to our story. So, we need re-­‐birth, a new genesis, through life in Christ. It is not until re-­‐birth that we can see death as destroyed and see life eternally.

Trinitarian Theology and Experience

We are a church in pursuit of a fully Trinitarian theology and experience. We are in pursuit of fully understanding and experiencing the relational realities of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. We come to Jesus first as our Lord and Savior. Jesus introduces us to the Father. No one comes to the Father but through Jesus. The Spirit comes forth from both the Father and Jesus into our lives (2 Cor. 13:14).

Hope for the World

We believe the church represents God’s family and life-­‐giving mission on earth. This mission manifests through building the local church and church partnerships for a church planting movement to the ends of the earth. Jesus as head of the church has given the church the glorious vision of being the epicenter of faith, hope and love. We believe without a healthy local church there cannot be healthy families and community. Therefore, our relationships, families and work should all be infused with this higher Kingdom purpose. There is nothing as wonderful as God’s church when it truly shines as a “city on a hill.”

Spirit Life

We are a church not interested in playing the religious game of consumption without transformation and profession without power. We want to spur one another on to spiritual ambition where there is a desire and anticipation of the Holy Spirit to close the gap between our spiritual walk and what we find represented in Scripture.

Kingdom Now and Not Yet

We believe in the Kingdom “now” and “not yet.” Jesus ushered in the present reality of the Kingdom making possible signs, wonders and miracles and charging the church to carry on the Gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus came to defeat the works of Satan and usher in the Kingdom of God that is at war with Satan’s kingdom of darkness. We also believe in the Kingdom “not yet.” The fullness of the Kingdom of God will not take place until Jesus returns. This reality helps explain why we still experience sufferings, sicknesses and trials of many kinds. We are to live and minister within healthy tension of the Kingdom “now” and the Kingdom “not yet.”

Relationally Driven

We are a relationally driven church doing life together. As Jesus came to the earth to reveal the Father to us, so the church is to be a community that reveals the love and grace of the Father to the world. The unique relational dynamic of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the heart of our ethos.

We believe to love Christ is to love His body, the church and see ourselves as an intimate necessary part of it (1 Cor. 12:13). This theological truth has to be radically recovered today in our highly individualized and privatized Christian culture. In other words, we need a new reformation when it comes to how people see the church and their role in it. One of the dynamics of the spiritual life is that no one grows into the fullness of Christ without help from others. Becoming part of the Crossroads family is not just about joining the local church family, but about taking up the cause of Christ locally and globally.

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

We uphold God’s unique and consistent definitions of manhood and womanhood found in both the Old Testament and New Testament. Though culture constantly attacks these definitions and roles, they are not subject to changing culture. God has created men and women with unique characteristics and roles. They were created to beautifully complement each other within marriage, the home and the church family. All the spiritual gifts are available to both men and women and, there are clear biblical guidelines for how these gifts are to be used within the home and church. We value the critical role of the single adult within the church family and we strive to equip singles and marrieds to serve and do ministry.

Community Celebrations

We believe Jesus Christ instituted two community celebrations that all believers are to observe: water baptism and communion which are to flow from a healthy community committed to prayer and to worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is through baptism that the inward work of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life is publicly professed. It is in communion we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Christ; His active presence within the church; and His future returning. It is through these celebrations and others that we participate in God’s unfolding story. We are a community on the move, whose life and mission are directed toward God (visio Dei).

Spiritual Training for Transformation

Jesus has spiritual gifts for all His followers, but He has uniquely gifted some people to lead His church by “preparing God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Ephesians 4:12). These Ephesians (e4) gifts (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher) are foundational to building and planting healthy churches. They are to be pursued, imparted and developed in the life of the church and shared between churches. The relational context of Christ’s mission for his church has spiritual training for transformation at its core.

Church Growth

What is true for our physical body is true for the Body of Christ, the church. If the Body stops growing it starts dying. Church growth is not so much about the size of the building or how many seats are filled as it is about how many are being saved, equipped and sent. For a church to keep experiencing healthy growth it must be taking new territory locally

and globally. We endeavor to expand the reach of the church in the valley through multiple creative satellite cafes and campuses. We also endeavor to seek new partnerships outside this valley for planting or replanting churches to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Always Reforming

The Christian faith is most alive when it is in the process of reforming. We need to constantly heed Romans 12:1-‐2 and make sure that it is the Word of God which is reforming us and not the culture. That said, we need to always think about the Word in light of our cultural context. For all the great reformers, it was biblical truth that reformed them out of a cultural Christianity that had drifted from historic Christianity. It was not some new insight into the Word that had not been held to by historic Christians. If we are not engaged in this kind of reforming we will fall into traditionalism and dead faith. However, if we are led more by cultural situations and start to be conformed to them then we run the risk of being conformed to culture rather than transformed by the Word through the Holy Spirit. So, reforming is the experience in which the Word through the Holy Spirit transforms us so as to bring new life to our unique cultural situation.

Leadership Team

Jerry & Lixy Alcorta
Gary & Amanda Littell
Tim & Marina O'Keefe



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