What do I need to do to be spiritually healthy?

What do I need to do to be spiritually healthy?

I recently spent some time processing this important question when I came across Dallas Willard’s answer:

“You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life…Hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day. There’s a difference between being busy and being hurried. Busy is a condition of the body having many things to do. Hurry is a condition of the soul in which I am so preoccupied that I cannot be fully present to God or a person. Jesus was often busy, but he was never hurried.”  

-Dallas Willard, Living In Christ’s Presence

I hope you are encouraged by this and will lean on the Holy Spirit to enable you to discern the important difference between being busy and being hurried. And I pray that your soul is thriving in the joy of the Lord.

Here are some updates of some exciting things going on in the life of the church:

G3 Summit Focuses on Worship, Equipping & Partnership

The G3 (Grace, Growth, Greater Things) Summit is a catalytic time of mutual encouragement where we bring outside speakers, leaders and ministry catalysts in to further equip us and spark fresh passion for our King and His Kingdom. The G3 Summit is held annually the first weekend of June at Crossroads Church Aspen. This past June, we rolled out a 10-year vision for the Church at our first G3 Summit. The vision identifies three primary areas that we want to grow in as a church: Worship, Equipping and Partnership. Each area has several key initiatives that we are praying and working into. You can read about a few of these initiatives below.

Crested Butte Partnership

Last year while our staff was on retreat in Crested Butte we connected with Scott Winn the pastor of Oh Be Joyful Church (OBJ). Since then we have developed a wonderful relationship and are looking forward to some exciting times ahead. And we are very excited to announce that Drew and Noelle Larson, who have been serving many years on our Directional Team here in Aspen, will move to Crested Butte in August where Drew has accepted a pastoral staff position at OBJ. Drew has been praying many years about a vocational call to full-time ministry and this is a huge answered prayer. Obviously, we are going to greatly miss them around here, but they won’t be far away and we look forward to partnering together in the future. We will commission and send them on Sunday, August 2nd at both services.

Crossroads Glenwood Starting Sunday Night Worship

God is brewing amazing things in our Glenwood Community! We continue to boldly share the Good News of Jesus and are seeing fruit. This spring we celebrated two new baptisms and God continues to grow community through our Glenwood Life Group. God is also moving us to create Christian community for Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley campus students this fall. There is currently no Christian group on campus. We hope to have a weekly life group in place this fall that will help connect students, encourage them to grow in their faith, and help them reach their campus for Christ.

On September 13th, we launch a weekly Sunday evening worship service at Bluebird Cafe in downtown Glenwood. This coffeehouse gathering will include music, a message, ministry time, and of course, coffee and food. We hope you and/or your lower valley friends join us for this weekly time of celebration! For more on our Glenwood Community visit: www.ccglenwood.com or call Tim O’Keefe at 970-456-4738.

Internship Program Launching

We are excited to launch our new Internship program this September. We will have four interns, one each for Children’s Ministry, Middle School Ministry, High School Ministry, and Pastoral Ministry. Our interns all have their eyes on a future in vocational ministry as they participate in a one-year program that will provide them a powerful foundation for a lifetime of ministry. Each intern commits to 20 hours per week which will include their ministry hours in their respective areas, completion of our four core e4 classes on Relationship with God, Holy Spirit, Healing and Deliverance and Leadership, as well as participation in various mentoring meetings.

Some ways you can help: 1) Pray for each of them when we announce them this fall; 2) Serve them by hosting one of our monthly Intern dinners; 3) Give to their financial needs for the mission trips they will attend; and 4) Lead by assisting our staff/interns in the various programs they will be running. Contact Dan Bosko at dan@ccaspen.com or at 970.404.2130 for more information.

Crossroads Online

There is a phenomenon currently sweeping through our culture on a global scale. No, it is not the internet. It is much more specific than that. It is “micro-content”. It is distributed with immediacy to well over a billion people on the planet through, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Mobile Apps,…and the list goes on and on. This micro-content is consumed, viewed, shared and reposted and so the initial content regenerates in a thousand ways. Our ability to communicate has never been more efficient. Crossroads is developing a strategic plan to distribute Biblical encouragement and teaching through the use of micro-content to those beyond the walls of the church. Crossroads Online is a new ministry designed to reach those who do not or in some cases cannot attend Crossroads Church. It is not simply a website, rather, it is content created specifically for the online viewer. We believe there are a great number of people in Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond who would welcome encouragement in the ways of Christ if it were only more accessible. We will share more on the progress and status of this ministry as it develops. If you would like to know how you can help build this ministry please contact Derek Brown at 970-379-9962 or derek@ccaspen.com.

Financial Update

The donations through June 30th are almost exactly even with 2014 with expenses up slightly this year. Thank you for your faithful tithing and giving in response to our Lord’s teaching on giving to His Church family. If you have any financial questions please contact our treasurer Bob Brining at (970) 925-6481.

There are several initiatives that we would love for you support in prayer and financially:

  • Crossroads Glenwood weekly church service (fall 2015)
  • Internship Program (fall 2015)
  • Crossroads Online
  • Enhancements to stage and new cameras for broadcast
For Greater Things,

Steve Woodrow
Directional Pastor

July 22, 2015 / Vision Posts

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Steve is the pastor of Crossroads Church in Aspen, Colorado. He is married to Meshell and they have 5 wonderful kids.


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